Our Philosophy

“100% Greek flora honey”

Our honey is the distillation of the blossoming of Greek Nature. As professional beekeepers, we believe in showcasing the extremely rich flora of the Greek landscape through our honey. Our motto “100% Greek flora honey” is at the heart of our philosophy and perfectly describes our relationship with beekeeping and the products that we produce.

Each honey variety encloses a distinctive synthesis of the local landscape and flora and is characterised from its unique aroma, color, taste and body. From the mountainous forests of Elikona, to the pine forests of Evia, until the foothills of Kitherona where our beehives are being kept, we follow the bee’s journey. Having in mind the extremely fragile balance of the forest ecosystem, we work in harmony with nature.

The bee’s core values are what inspires us: its diligence, its systematic way of working and its restless instinct. With minimal technological interference from harvesting until packaging of honey, we keep the process mainly manual. Regular quality production controls ensure our stable quality and taste of our products. This way we commit to excellence and we can share this truly exceptional quality greek honey with you.

Kaparelli Voiotias, Greece
Τ. +30 22623 04340
Ε. info@theroyalone.gr
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